When you click through our product links, we may earn a small commission. These commissions help us keep our site running. As an Amazon Associate, we also earn from qualifying purchases.
When you click through our product links, we may earn a small commission. These commissions help us keep our site running. As an Amazon Associate, we also earn from qualifying purchases.
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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs 2021 Increase Your Affiliate Income with Sovrn//Commerce Formerly VigLink

Affiliate Marketing Best Program Sovrn VigLink

Sovrn//Commerce, Formerly VigLink

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When it comes to the best affiliate marketing programs, VigLink is certainly in the top 10, and definitely in our top three. Honestly, it is usually our #1, depending on the functionality we need. For purposes of this article, we may refer to the company as either VigLink or Sovrn, but note that Sovrn//Commerce acquired VigLink in 2018.

As a publisher, your audience relies on you to provide them valuable information. As an affiliate marketer, your merchants rely on you to influence your audience to make a buying decision. Whether you’re a blogger, merchant site or social influencer, VigLink's monetization tools can help put your affiliate marketing business on autopilot.

VigLink has been in business since 2009, and at the time of this writing has over 71,000 merchants through integrations with 31 affiliate networks from across the world, and over 2 million publishers (affiliate marketers).  Those are HUGE numbers! Trying to find and choose merchants to promote from that large of a pool can be completely overwhelming, even for seasoned affiliate marketers! That's where VigLink has an edge against the competition.

VigLink's technology earns you revenue through the conversion of any product listed in your blog into a monetized link. Some VigLink merchants pay per click, and some pay per sale. You can earn money when your audience clicks a link, and your earning potential rises with merchants who pay per sale when those clicks turn into sales.

The VigLink dashboard allows you to analyze key performance metrics, making it easy for you to gain insight into audience trends, what links are earning the most, and which merchants deliver the highest earnings per click. You can learn your most popular content and even where your audience goes when they leave your site! 

Signing Up

Sign up is quite easy. Click this banner to be taken to the Sovrn disclosures page and then navigate to the 'Home' page: VigLink badge. Once you're at the home page, simply click on the blue 'Sign Up' button in the upper right corner of the page:

Sovrn VigLink Sign Up Button

 Once you've created your account, you will have to verify your email address, and then fill in your business information. You also need to provide VigLink with the websites you will be adding publisher links to so they can approve them.

Once you are approved, all you need to do to start earning is copy and paste a snippet of code into your pages. You then start earning immediate revenue from your existing product links. VigLink provides you with a tutorial to make this piece easy.


VigLink Technology

One of VigLink's most powerful tools, their Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, works in the background to automatically link products mentioned in your content to the highest-paying retailer. This occurs without any extra effort from you! You can always be confident in the fact that VigLink is silently working hard in the background of your pages to earn you the highest conversion rates possible! 



//Commerce Anywhere

Another of VigLink's powerful tools is //Commerce Anywhere. //Commerce Anywhere can be accessed from the 'Anywhere' button on your dashboard.  From there, you can easily create and post revenue-generating links to any of your favorite social networks with one click. Simply cut and paste a URL into the Anywhere Link generator in your VigLink dashboard. Anywhere links work seamlessly across third-party platforms, with no javascript required. Rest assured, your link will still be monetized to the highest-earning merchant.



Monetize straight from your browser

VigLink has also created a Chrome extension that can help you turn any product page into a monetized link that earns you a commission on a click or sale. It allows you to see which affiliate merchants pay the highest commission rate, and it even provides you with available coupons! You can automatically shorten and copy the link, then share it across websites, social networks, and even emails.


Using the Merchant Explorer

What does “Preferred Merchant” mean?

The “Preferred Merchant” checkbox helps you search for merchants in their Preferred Merchant program. Preferred Merchants are merchants Sovrn //Commerce has negotiated higher commission rates with than those typically offered to individual affiliates.​

How are merchants in the search results organized?

Preferred Merchants appear at the top of all search results; all other merchants are then listed alphabetically. ​

How do I find out more about a merchant I’m interested in in the search results?

Once you find a merchant that you want to learn more about, simply click on that merchant’s name in the search results. You will then be taken to their merchant record page where you can find a brief description of the merchant; where the merchant accepts traffic from; their commission structure; and an affiliation tester for seeing if your campaign is approved to send traffic.

How do I change the filters when I search?

When you are searching there are a number of different parameters that you can use to narrow down results. Once you have chosen a parameter such as “Category,” click the search button and you will see it appear next to “Search results for…”. If you want to remove the parameter, simply click the “X” to the right of it.

Understanding your Approval Status
What Does a red X mean?

A red X means that a publisher is not approved to work with a merchant. Common reasons include the following:

  • Some merchants run restricted programs and require publishers to apply before being able to affiliate.
  • Some merchants choose not to work with all types of publishers.
  • Some merchants only accept traffic from certain countries. (The Merchant Explorer looks at affiliate traffic from a single country — look for the filter at the top right to change the county.)
Why is one of my sites is listed as “approved for all programs” for a merchant, but others are not?

There is a chance that not all of your campaigns will be approved to affiliate to a certain merchant depending on a merchant’s restrictions. Some merchants may have approved all of your campaigns for affiliation, but that doesn’t mean all merchants will. When applying to merchant programs via the Merchant Explorer, be sure to apply separately for each of your campaigns. ​

How do I apply to a restricted merchant?

Some merchants, like eBay and Amazon’s CPA program, are restricted in the system, which means that your site will need to be approved directly by the merchant before you can be an affiliate. VigLink will help you apply to any of these restricted programs once you’ve earned at least $10 in revenue over a 30-day period from unrestricted merchants. 

If ALL merchants have a red X, what does that mean?

If all of the merchants are marked as unapproved, that means that your site is not approved in VigLink's system.


Understanding Merchant Terms
What do CPA, CPC, and CPC/CPA mean?

Sovrn //Commerce routes traffic through two types of programs:

  1. CPA (cost per action), which means the publisher is eligible to earn a commission on any eligible sales that result from the affiliate click.
  2. CPC (cost per click), which means the publisher is eligible to earn a flat rate for each click that points to an eligible product.

So what does it mean when a Merchant is marked with “CPC/CPA” in the Merchant Explorer?

If a merchant works with both, VigLink determines at the time of the click whether to route the click through the CPC program or the CPA program. The system is built to always route traffic through the program that will yield its publishers the most revenue.


Convert’s main function is to scan your content and automatically turn any existing merchant links into affiliate links. The core feature cannot be turned off from the panel; if the Javascript is installed on your site, Convert will run.

Reaffiliate Affiliated Links

If you have existing affiliate links on your site, you may want Sovrn //Commerce to overwrite them or bypass them. To overwrite the links, make sure this box is checked. To make sure Sovrn //Commerce bypasses them, make sure this box is unchecked.

Link URLs

By default, Convert will only automatically affiliate existing hyperlinks. If you also want Convert to turn plain text URLs into affiliate links, check this box.

Optimize Links

The Optimize Links feature will allow Sovrn //Commerce to transform links into affiliate links for a different merchant that is carrying the exact same product. Sovrn //Commerce will optimize the merchant in cases where one merchant is paying a higher commission rate or where the publisher is not approved to work with the original merchant.

Advanced: Link Target

Decide whether you want users to be directed to the merchant page in the current window or a new window. We recommend that you select “New window,” which offers a better user experience.

How can I prevent Convert or Optimize from working on certain parts of my site?

Sometimes it’s useful to configure the JavaScript Library differently for a certain page on your site, or even for just part of a page. For example, you might have  Insert enabled on your site, but have an area where links should never be inserted. Sovrn //Commerce’s behavior can be configured by adding certain labels (called CSS “classes”) to your site’s HTML.



When Convert is enabled (on by default), norewrite can be used to ensure links are never converted on specific parts of a page.


If “Optimize Links” is enabled, use nooptimize to ensure certain links are never optimized.

To ensure that Convert is disabled, please use both nolinks and norewrite in the class.


To prevent a single link from being monetized:

<a href="https://example.com" class="norewrite">VigLink ignores this</a>

To prevent multiple links from being monetized:

 <div class="norewrite">
None of these links will be monetized by VigLink. Not
 <a href="https://example.com/1">this one</a>, or
 even <a href="https://example.com/2">that one</a>.</div>

If your HTML already has another class where you’d like to use one of ours, just add a space between them. They’ll both work as expected:

<div class="myclass nolinks">
My Nikon D7000 is amazing! VigLink will not insert a link on the text Nikon D7000.</div>

How do you get paid?

Sovrn uses several methods to pay its publishers. Sovrn pays publishers who have at least a $25 balance every 30 days, at the end of the month. Once your account balance reaches $25, your payment will be submitted in approximately 30 days. If your preferred payment method is a wire transfer, there is a $50 threshold.  

  • PayPal
    • Fastest standard payment method offered by Sovrn
    • Always submitted 1st day of the month, even holidays and weekends.
    • 1 day delay maximum in most cases

What are the other payment methods?

  • ACH Transfer 
    • Initiated 1st business day of the month
    • 1-3 business days to process
  • Wire Transfer 
    • Initiated 1st business day of the month
    • 1-day processing
    • Up to 8 days after that
  • eCheck 
    • Initiated 1st business day of the month
    • From 0-8 days delay can be expected
    • Essentially the ACH option for non-US payment recipients
  • Paper Check 
    • Initiated 1st business day of the month
    • Up to 2-day delay for cutting and processing
    • Standard delivery via USPS applies after that point
    • This option is only available in the USA

Directions for Installation of the Sovrn //Commerce Chrome Extension

1) Once downloaded, you’ll be prompted to enter your Secret Key:


2) You can find your secret key from your Dashboard by clicking here, or by logging into your account, then clicking on the dropdown menu on the top right and select “Sites.”


3) Next to your “site” name, will be a few icons. Select the icon that resembles a key.


4) Copy your secret key and paste it into your Sovrn //Commerce extension (& make sure that your Secret Key remains a secret!)


5) In the extension, select the site you’ll be using and press Start!


Then you’re all set! 

Additional Features

Depending on the Merchant and the product, the Sovrn Commerce Chrome Extension can recommend additional merchant alternatives. Many products can affiliate with more than one merchant programs, and they will suggest those as seen in the image below:


Publishers can go to the Merchant Explorer  to see Sovrn //Commerce’s merchants and their approval status with each.


We know this is a lot of information in one place, but we hope it adds value to your affiliate marketing venture, rather than overwhelms you. Ultimately, VigLink can be an affiliate marketer's dream, once it is set up the way you need it to be. Not having to sort through thousands of merchants and not having to manage multiple affiliate marketing programs at once is really, really helpful, and truly allows you focus on your content, rather than your affiliate marketing efforts. In the end, this helps increase your earnings tremendously!

If you're ready to get started, just click here:VigLink badge 

Here is just a small sample of VigLink's popular merchants:


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